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*Pre-orders are for the release date of 31/08/2022*

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The Retics & Reptiles team have been private breeders for several years. We have vast experience in dealing with Royal pythons, Reticulated pythons, Birds of prey and various reptiles. Members of our team hold degrees in Zoology & Biology and have studied genetics extensively so you can rest assured we know what we are doing!

Our vision is simple, we aim to develop products that will enhance both our own and your animal's welfare and environment. The ReptiRad is only the first of many products in our pipeline that shows our passion and dedication to this industry.

As breeders, we also have a range of livestock & livefood available year-round. 

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ReptiRad Logo text.png

Promising the most advanced reptile heating solution available! The  ReptiRad is crafted from premium galvanised steel, using double silicone insulated heating elements protected with aluminium foil to deliver an unbeatable overhead heating source.

The ReptiRad now comes with a standard in-line connector for easy installation. Boasting a thickness of only 18.5mm thickness across all our sizes you don't even need a guard to cover it! 

ReptiRad will be available for the summer in the following sizes;





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Rustik Bugs is the new brand from Retics & Reptiles offering a full range of livefood & isopods for your reptiles and amphibians.

All of our livefood & isopods are bred at our facility and fed on organic feed and produce to ensure the very best quality. We work with local farms and businesses to produce the healthiest colonies that will reflect in your animal's overall health!

Check out our range of livefood & isopods and follow us on our social media platforms for the latest offers!

For any Livefood and Isopod enquiries, please email or call 0808 188 9044 and select option 2.

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We breed all of our own livestock from our 2000 sq.ft breeding facility to ensure quality bloodlines and genetics. We have a wide array of reptiles and amphibians available.

All of our livestock are not released until they reach certain criteria based on each species. 

We are able to export to Europe, Canada and the United States of America. 


All of our animals come with a care sheet and we are on hand every day for advice and assistance.


If you are a shop or limited business enquire today for trade discounts.  


Retics & Reptiles is proud to be affiliated with the RSPCA. We work tirelessly with this amazing charity in rehabilitating animals. 

We are one of a few chosen centres in the UK where the RSPCA will rehabilitate larger species in due to our high standards, education and experience.

We support this fine charity with regular donations from rehoming their animals once the rehabilitation process is complete. All proceeds from rehomed animal donations go directly to this amazing charity. 

Please see our livestock page under the adoption section.

Alternatively please click the link below to donate any amount you can to support the RSPCA.