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Retics & Reptiles

Elevating Reptile Husbandry with Advanced Radiant Heating. 

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Galvanised Steel

Made from premium galvanised steel, the ReptiRad is designed to outlast any traditional heat source available.

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40w - 220w of Power

The ReptiRad is available in 4 key sizes to fit most standard enclosures. 40w, 80w, 125w & 220w.

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Humidity Resistant

The ReptiRad is IP64 certified and can be sprayed from all angles and can withstand up to 99% humidity

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In-Line Connection

Supplied with a 2 meter power cable with a in-line connector located half way, the ReptiRad makes installation a breeze.


The UKs First Biome Specific Tortoise Food

Introducing the UK's first Biome-specific tortoise food range. Our complete diet for forest and desert tortoise species ensures your shelled friends get the optimum nutrition they need to thrive. 


Quality Bedding, affordable prices


100% Organic and Natural Substrates

The ReptiBase - Premium Reptile Substrates is 100% natural and organic range. We believe in giving your animals the best quality and most natural substrates to enhance their enrichment. Coconut Coir, Coconut Chip and Aspen Bedding are all available in our range... Try it today!

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Bridging the gap between environment and enclosure

Our range of premium bulbs ensures your animal gets the very best in class, from Mercury Vapour, producing UV-A, UV-B to our Subcutaneos Heat Projector bulbs - we have something for every reptilian companion.

Rustik Grub 100% Natural Products for Pets Logo

No Chemicals, No Nasties - Just Nature

Our Rustik Grub product range offers a plethora of options for your reptiles, insects, snails and more. From our daily calcium supplement to our gut loaders. We have something for you. With amazing quality and ZERO chemicals used in our products, give your critters the taste of nature they deserve!

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The perfect solution for insect and invertebrate keepers! Perfect for keeping inverts and feeder insects, this practical solution offers a stackable design with a ventilated lid and lockable feeding hatches!

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Boost your setups with

Bioactive Enhancer logo

100% natural and organic fertiliser, made from morio worm castings. This soil booster is ideal for bioactive set-up enthusiasts, and hydroponic and aquaponic nuts!


Upgrade your animal's environment today with the all-new 2L ReptiBase - Multipurpose Pressure Sprayer.  The perfect handheld companion to keep your humidity and water levels perfect! Now in stock.

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Versatility and durability combined!

The Rustik Grub - Suction Twist Lock Feeding Ledge combines aesthetics with practicality. Made from PET plastic and a lockable suction, this product is perfect for both arboreal and terrestrial species alike. 

ReptiRad Ultrasonic Humidiier Logo

Introducing our latest breakthrough in reptile care - the ReptiRad Ultrasonic Humidifier! Designed to provide optimal humidity levels for your beloved reptiles without spikes in temperature, this cutting-edge device offers a generous 2.5-litre capacity, ensuring continuous misting for extended periods. With a 1.5-meter extendable hose, you can easily direct the mist exactly where it's needed within your terrarium or enclosure. The Ultrasonic Humidifier utilises advanced ultrasonic technology, producing fine particles for efficient and gentle mist dispersion. Maintain the perfect humidity balance for your reptilian friends, promoting healthy shedding and respiratory function. The ReptiRad Ultrasonic Humidifier is the ultimate tool for reptile enthusiasts, ensuring the utmost comfort and well-being of your scaly companions. Upgrade your reptile's habitat today and experience the difference with the ReptiRad!

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A Range of tubs designed for success!

ReptiBase - Breeding Tubs are designed with your breeding success in mind. From our Small Egg box, holding up to 20 small eggs to our large breeding tub - we have something for every breeder.

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