By HerpXotic


Premium grade, 100% organic coconut chips. 1 of block Herphusk will produce approximately 50L of substrate. UV sterilised, mixed size coconut chips perfect for reptiles and amphibians. Ethically sourced, environmentally friend and sustainable product.  


Our recommended usage for this product is as follows;


  •  Stand the product up inside a water-tight container.
  • Pour approximately 10L of water into the bag (as the product begins to expand you may need to make further cuts to the bag to accommodate).
  • Leave stand for 10 minutes.
  • Break the product up into your water-tight container and leave for a further 10 minutes (be sure to break the chips up thoroughly).
  • Disperse as needed.
  • To maintain humidity levels, spray the substrate as and when required.




Herphusk 50L Block