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What are the benefits?

Embrace the Benefits of a Plastic Faunarium with Carry Handles and Feeding Hatch!

Discover the ultimate convenience and versatility of our FAUNARIUM - Plastic Terrarium equipped with carry handles and a feeding hatch. This handy enclosure offers a range of benefits that make it an essential tool for pet owners and animal enthusiasts alike. Here's why it's an excellent choice:


  • Portability & Easy Handling: The carry handles on our FAUNARIUM - Plastic Terrarium ensure effortless transportation. Whether you're going to the veterinarian or planning an outdoor adventure, you can easily move your pets or small animals with minimal effort. Enjoy seamless portability without the worry of accidental escapes.
  • Durability & Safety: FAUNARIUM - Plastic Terrariums are built to last. They provide a sturdy and secure housing option that protects your animals effectively. The durable plastic construction ensures longevity and safeguards your pets from external threats, ensuring their safety and well-being.
  • Feeding Hatch Convenience: The addition of a feeding hatch simplifies the process of providing food and water to your pets. It allows for easy access without the need to fully open the enclosure, minimizing the chances of escape or stress. Say goodbye to the hassle of manoeuvring through small openings or removing the entire lid just to feed your animals.
  • Versatile Habitat: Plastic faunariums provide a versatile environment suitable for various pets and animals. Whether you have reptiles, small mammals, birds, or insects, these enclosures can accommodate their specific needs. They offer ample space for necessary accessories while maintaining a comfortable and secure habitat.
  • Easy Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining a plastic faunarium is a breeze. The non-porous surface of the plastic material prevents the absorption of waste, making cleaning and disinfecting quick and effortless. Enjoy more quality time with your pets, rather than spending excessive time on maintenance tasks.


Embrace the convenience and functionality of a plastic faunarium with carry handles and a feeding hatch. Provide your pets with a secure, portable, and comfortable habitat that meets their unique needs. Elevate your pet-keeping experiences with this versatile enclosure today!

Faunarium - Large

  • 42cm x 26cm x 15cm


    • Remove faunarium from all outer packaging.

    • Remove the lid by gently applying upward pressure to the clips on one side of the lid.

    • Check lid access hatches to ensure they open and lock correctly.

    • These faunariums are ready for use straight out of the box however if you wish to clean them prior to using them for the first time we recommend using clean soapy water or appropriate pet-safe cleaning spray and rinsing thoroughly.

    • Add your chosen substrate and tank decorations if applicable.

    • Re-secure the lid ensuring the clips on both sides and all access hatches are secure.

    • Add your pet(s) to the enclosure and enjoy!

    • Please note that these faunariums have feet to limit the risk of overheating by thermal blocking when placed onto heat mats however, for safety purposes we always advise that any heat source is used in conjunction with an appropriate thermostat.

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