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alfalfa, ryegrass, oat grass, Timothy grass, plantain, Sang grass, dandelion, cactus, spirulina, soybean hulls, sweet potato seedlings, purple sweet potato, escarole, kale, whole ground wheat, wheat middling, maize leaves, biological calcium (snail powder, grasshopper dry powder, small crustaceans), organic calcium (calcium carbonate), inorganic calcium (dicalcium phosphate), Vitamins (A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, folic acid, inositol).



Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude protein 12%

Moisture 6%

Crude fat 1.6%

Calcium 1.8%

Crude ash 8.6%

Total phosphorus 0.96%

Crude fibre 28.7%

Lysine 1%


An example of desert species suitable for this product are;

G.sulcata - African Spurred Tortoise
G.pardalis - Leopard Tortoise
G.elegans - Indian Star Tortoise
G.gigantea - Aldabra Giant Tortoise
T.h.boettgeri - Hermann’s Tortoise
Testudo graeca - Greek Tortoise
Malacochersus tornieri - Pancake tortoise
Testudo horsfieldii - Horsefield Tortoise

Tortoise Food - Desert - Rustik Grub Biome Specific Complete Diet

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  • Place appropriate quantity of food (Typically the amount that your tortoise can consume within a 20 minute feeding window) into a bowl.

    Fill the bowl with warm, clean water and allow 5-10 minutes for the water to be absorbed. This food can be consumed dry but is enjoyed better wet.

    Once the pellets have softened, remove any excess water and place the pellets onto an appropriate feeding dish inside your tortoise’s enclosure.

    This is a complete feed so no additional food is required however these pellets can also be mixed in with any additional fruits or veggies that your tortoise may enjoy to provide further variety and enrichment.

    Remove any uneaten pellets within 12 hours and replace with fresh food if required. We recommend that this feed is offered 1-2 times per day as part of a balanced and varied diet of fresh vegetables.

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