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ReptiRad - Mercury Vapour Bulbs - Illuminate Your Reptile's World


Introducing ReptiRad - Mercury Vapour Bulb, the brand that brings you top-quality designed specifically for reptiles. Our self-ballast, E27 bulbs are crafted with premium quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and provide the essential lighting needs for your reptilian friends. Available in 100W and 160W options, our bulbs are versatile and compatible with most setups, delivering optimum UV-A, UV-B, and infrared rays. Discover why ReptiRad's D3 basking bulbs are essential for every reptile keeper!


  • Superior Performance: ReptiRad brings you the best in reptile lighting with our Mercury Vapour Bulbs. Built with self-ballast technology, our bulbs are not only easy to use but also provide consistent and reliable performance over time.
  • Optimum UV-A, UV-B, and Infrared: Our basking bulbs are specially designed to offer reptiles the full spectrum of light they need for their well-being. ReptiRad bulbs deliver the right balance of UV-A and UV-B rays to support natural behaviours, while also providing essential infrared heat to create a comfortable and stimulating environment.
  • Lasting Durability: ReptiRad prioritises quality and longevity in our Mercury Vapour Bulbs. Made with high-quality materials, these bulbs are built to endure the demands of reptile environments. You can trust that ReptiRad bulbs will keep shining brightly for an extended period, providing your reptiles with the lighting they need.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Our E27 bulbs are designed to fit into most setups and fixtures, making them suitable for a wide range of reptile habitats. Whether you have a terrarium or vivarium, ReptiRad bulbs can be easily incorporated into your existing lighting setup.
  • Essential for Reptile Keepers: ReptiRad's UV basking bulbs are a must-have for every reptile keeper. The combination of UV-A, UV-B, and infrared rays helps support healthy bone development, calcium absorption, and overall well-being through the synthesis of D3. Give your reptiles the essential lighting they need with ReptiRad.


Choose ReptiRad - Mercury Vapour Bulbs for premium quality that offers the ideal spectrum of light for your reptiles. With our dedication to performance and durability, ReptiRad bulbs will keep your reptiles basking in the perfect light for years to come.




Reptiles and amphibians need both UVB and UVA light to live healthy lifestyles. These are both types of ultraviolet (and UV) light. Each type of light has a different role to play in keeping your pet happy and healthy.

• UVA light helps regulate behaviours such as feeding, diurnal movement, mating and similar activities.

• UVB light allows the synthesis of vitamin D3, which helps to absorb calcium.

UV wavelengths are filtered by glass and plastic, so to get the most out of your bulbs be sure they have direct exposure to the habitat. Over time UV output will diminish. We recommend replacing your REPTIRAD Mercury Vapour Bulbs every 5000 hours or 12 months.

ReptiRad - 100w Mercury Vapour Bulb

    • DO NOT screw in the Mercury Vapour Bulb while the power is on. Ensure all power to the holder is off.
    • Ensure the height of your bulb is adjusted according to your animal's needs.
    • DO NOT touch the bulb with your hands when they are wet or the power is on.
    • Once the bulb has been on please leave it 30 minutes before attempting to touch the bulb.
    • AVOID turning the bulbs on and off in quick succession.

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