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Introducing ReptiRad - Daylight Basking Bulbs, the ultimate lighting solution for reptiles and amphibians! Our top-of-the-line bulbs are meticulously designed to provide your scaly friends with the optimum heat and lighting they deserve.

Featuring an easy-to-use e27 screw fitting and self-ballast, ReptiRad bulbs are hassle-free to install, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your pets. With our bulbs, you can create the perfect basking spot for your cold-blooded companions, replicating their natural habitat right in the comfort of their enclosure.

What sets ReptiRad bulbs apart is their ability to provide optimum UV-A and infrared light. UV-A light is essential for reptiles and amphibians as it contributes to their overall well-being, aiding in proper vision, appetite, and reproductive behaviour. Meanwhile, the inclusion of infrared light ensures that your pets receive the necessary warmth to regulate their body temperature effectively.

These high-quality bulbs prioritise the health and happiness of your reptiles and amphibians. Our advanced technology shows that ReptiRad bulbs emit the optimal spectrum of light, closely resembling natural sunlight. This stimulates your pets' natural behaviours and supports their overall development, resulting in happier and more active animals.

Not only do ReptiRad - Daylight Basking Bulbs provide a superior lighting experience for your pets, but they also offer peace of mind to the pet owners. These bulbs prioritize safety and longevity, ensuring that your reptiles and amphibians thrive under their gentle glow for an extended period.

Experience the brilliance of ReptiRad - Daylight Basking Bulbs and give your scaly companions the best lighting solution available. Enhance their well-being, promote natural behaviours, and create the ideal environment for their overall growth and happiness. Trust ReptiRad to provide the ultimate lighting experience for your reptiles and amphibians.


REPTIRAD produce a high-quality, reliable Daylight Basking Bulb that will encourage natural thermoregulation for sun-loving reptiles. Bright, visible light is very important for many reptiles as it stimulates activity, especially in desert species – including the ever-popular bearded dragon. Dragons, and many other reptiles, possess a photosensory organ on the top of their skull, called the parietal eye, which is sensitive to changes in light. It is also responsible for hormone production and thermoregulation. It can assist with circadian rhythms and are important as it regulates animals’ sleeping and eating patterns. Without these, their cell regeneration, and a host of other biological functions, would be disrupted.

ReptiRad - 100w Daylight Basking Bulb

    • DO NOT screw in the Daylight Basking Bulb while the power is on. Ensure all power to the holder is off.
    • Ensure the height of your bulb is adjusted according to your animal's needs.
    • DO NOT touch the bulb with your hands when they are wet or the power is on.
    • Once the bulb has been on please leave it 30 minutes before attempting to touch the bulb.
    • AVOID turning the bulbs on and off in quick succession.

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