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Transform your reptile-keeping experience with the ReptiRad Subcutaneous Heat Projector Bulb. Designed for reptile enthusiasts who demand the best for their cold-blooded companions, this bulb simulates the natural warmth of the sun, delivering deep, penetrating heat that is essential for your pet's well-being.


The bulb's E27 screw fit is universally compatible with standard terrarium light sockets, ensuring hassle-free installation. Choose between 50W and 75W options to cater to your specific heating requirements without unnecessary power usage. The innovative insulation design, featuring a robust rubber protector, not only increases the efficiency of heat transfer to your reptile but also makes the ReptiRad a safer option, reducing the chance of heat-related habitat damage.


The ReptiRad - SHP Bulb stands out for its use of premium materials, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability. The internal heating element is engineered from high-quality components that provide consistent, deep-penetrating warmth. Superior insulation, achieved with an advanced rubber protector, channels heat directly downward, optimising the terrarium's thermal gradient. Every bulb is meticulously crafted to deliver reliable performance and longevity.


The ReptiRad - SHP Bulb is encased in a robust cardboard exterior, offering a sturdy first line of defence against the rigours of transit. Ensuring the bulb's integrity upon arrival, a snug layer of specially designed foam cradles the bulb inside this packaging fortress. This dual-protection approach, combining solid cardboard with cushioning foam, acts as a safeguard against impacts and vibrations that can occur during shipping.


Box Dimensions for 50w and 75w DHP Bulbs;



Subcutaneous Heat Projection utilises infrared radiation (IR) to transfer heat directly to an object without significantly warming the air in between. This technology in reptile bulbs is specifically designed to emit infrared-A (IRA) and infrared-B (IRB) wavelengths, which penetrate the skin and muscle tissue to warm reptiles more efficiently than traditional heating methods that only heat the air.

  • Mimics Natural Sunlight: Sunlight provides a range of light and heat wavelengths, including IRA and IRB. DHP bulbs are tailored to replicate this spectrum, especially IRA known for its deep tissue penetration and IRB for promoting surface heating, which is critical for reptiles to regulate their body temperature. 
  • Thermoregulation: Reptiles are unable to generate their own body heat. DHP bulbs enable reptiles to thermoregulate by moving closer to or farther from the heat source, similar to how they would bask in the sun in their natural habitat to raise their body temperature. 
  • Improved Metabolism: Heat from SHP affects the reptile's metabolism by enabling crucial enzymatic reactions that are temperature-dependent. A proper heat source is vital for digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall metabolic health. 
  • Enhanced Circulation and Healing: The penetrating warmth of a SHP bulb can improve circulation and stimulate healing in reptiles. Infrared heat helps in recovery from injuries and can help reduce the discomfort of chronic health issues. 
  • Promotes Natural Behavior: Providing a heat source that mimics the sun encourages natural behaviours, such as basking, foraging, and mating displays. Such behaviours are significant for the psychological health of reptiles. 
  • Healthier Skin and Scales: Proper basking under a SHP bulb can help ensure healthy skin and scales by promoting regular shedding, which is crucial for growth and preventing infections.


Infrared-A (IRA):

  • Deep Penetration: IRA waves penetrate deeply into the muscle tissues of reptiles, providing a warmth that is akin to sunbathing.
  • Therapeutic Effects: The deep penetration can have therapeutic effects, easing muscle pain and aiding recovery after physical exertion.


Infrared-B (IRB):

  • Surface Heating: IRB provides essential surface warmth which helps to elevate the skin temperature, directly influencing a reptile's immune response and overall health.
  • Environmental Gradients: By affecting the surfaces of objects in the enclosure, such as rocks or substrate, IRB creates temperature gradients that enable reptiles to select their preferred thermal zone.


Why choose ReptiRad Subcutaneous Heat Projector Bulbs?


  • Energy Efficiency: Compared to traditional heating bulbs, SHPs are more energy-efficient. They focus energy directly where it is needed, reducing waste and often requiring lower wattage to achieve the same heating effect. 
  • Longevity: SHP bulbs typically have a longer lifespan than conventional heat lamps since they do not rely on a filament that can easily burn out. 
  • Reduced Light Pollution: Unlike other heat lamps that emit visible light, a SHP only emits infrared light, reducing stress on the animals from excessive or unnatural light, especially important for nocturnal species and for maintaining natural day-night cycles. 
  • Safety: SHP bulbs tend to run at lower surface temperatures than other heat lamps, reducing the risk of burns if a reptile comes into direct contact with the heat source (although a protective guard is still recommended).




ReptiRad - 50w Subcutaneous Heat Projector

    • DO NOT screw in the SHP Bulb while the power is on. Ensure all power to the holder is off.
    • Ensure the height of your bulb is adjusted according to your animal's needs.
    • DO NOT touch the bulb with your hands when they are wet or the power is on.
    • Once the bulb has been on please leave it 30 minutes before attempting to touch the bulb.
    • AVOID turning the bulbs on and off in quick succession.
    • Must be ran with a thermostat.

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