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Why Choose ReptiBase - Coconut Chip Bedding?

Introducing ReptiBase - Coconut Chip Bedding, the ultimate substrate choice for reptiles and amphibians. Our 70L compressed block of coconut husk provides an exceptional bedding option that offers a myriad of benefits for both you and your scaly companions.

Why choose ReptiBase? Here are just a few reasons:


  • Natural and Organic: ReptiBase is made from 100% natural and organic coconut husk, ensuring a safe and non-toxic environment for your reptiles and amphibians. With no added chemicals or artificial substances, you can be confident that you are providing a healthy and natural habitat.
  • Odour Absorbent: Coconut husk naturally absorbs and neutralizes odours, keeping the enclosure smelling fresh and clean. Say goodbye to unwanted smells and enjoy a more pleasant living space for both you and your pets.
  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning your reptile's enclosure is hassle-free with ReptiBase. Its loose and fibrous texture allows for easy spot cleaning, reducing maintenance time and effort. Simply remove soiled portions or waste, and the remaining substrate remains intact, promoting a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • Moisture Management: ReptiBase efficiently regulates moisture levels in the enclosure, providing a balanced humidity environment for your reptiles and amphibians. It helps prevent excess moisture, which can lead to bacterial growth or respiratory issues, ensuring the best possible conditions for your pets.
  • Natural Appearance and Behavior Stimulation: With its natural appearance and texture, ReptiBase emulates the natural habitat of your reptiles and amphibians. It promotes natural behaviours like burrowing and digging, providing mental stimulation and enhancing the overall well-being of your pets.


By choosing ReptiBase - Coconut Chip Bedding, you are making a responsible and thoughtful choice for your pets and the environment. Our product offers the perfect balance of practicality, naturalness, and convenience, bringing you peace of mind and your reptiles and amphibians a comfortable and safe home.

Upgrade your pet's habitat with ReptiBase - Coconut Chip Bedding and experience the numerous benefits of this 100% natural, organic, and easy-to-clean substrate. Provide your scaly friends with the best substrate option available, and enjoy their happiness and well-being. Choose ReptiBase for a substrate that cares for your reptiles and amphibians just as much as you do.


100% Organic

Our coconut husk chip is 100% organic and ethically sourced. Once the husk is acquired it is then cleaned multiple times to eliminate dust and debris, it is then sun-dried before making its journey to be compressed into our compact blocks.

High Humidity

Coconut husk chip is perfect for maintaining moderate to high humidity levels due to its absorption properties. It takes in the moisture and stores it, gradually releasing it. This makes it a perfect substrate for animals that need moderate to high levels of humidity.

Odour Eliminating

Cleaning is made so much simpler with coconut chip substrate. Its high absorption properties make cleaning a breeze. With the chips being individual cleaning is a simple task. Just grab the soiled chips with a scoop or bag and place them in the bin, the remaining chips can remain!

Great Bio-Fuel

Boost your bio activity with our coconut husk chip. It is a good source of bio fuel, similar to charcoal. It can give a growth boost to plants and help them absorb nutrition more effectively. This helps make your bio active enclosures both look great and last.

ReptiBase - Coconut Chip Bedding 70L

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70L Subscription
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    • Place the block in a waterproof bowl or tub
    • Add warm water to the bag until the block is almost submerged.
    • Once the block has expanded to capacity within the bag, cut down both sides of the bag and continue to add water, a little at a time until the block is fully expanded.
    • Remove the plastic bag.
    • Add a little water to any dry spots until you are satisfied.
    • The substrate may dry out over time, spay accordingly to maintain the desired humidity.

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