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Expands up to 70 Litres!

Experience the Benefits of Reptibase - Coconut Coir Bedding for Reptiles!

Are you searching for the perfect bedding material to create a comfortable and natural habitat for your reptiles? Look no further than Reptibase - Coconut Coir Bedding – the ideal choice for reptile enthusiasts. Here are the top benefits of using our brand:


  • Natural and Organic: Reptibase Coconut Coir Bedding is made from the fibrous husks of coconuts, providing a natural and sustainable bedding option for your reptiles. It's an environmentally conscientious alternative to traditional wood shavings or sand bedding materials.
  • Excellent Moisture Retention: Our Coconut Coir Bedding boasts exceptional moisture retention properties. It helps maintain optimal humidity levels in your reptile's enclosure, promoting a comfortable and healthy environment. Say goodbye to dry and dehydrated reptiles!
  • Soft and Comfortable: Reptibase Coconut Coir Bedding provides a soft and cosy substrate for your reptiles to rest and burrow in. It mimics the natural ground cover found in their native habitats, giving them a sense of security and comfort.
  • Dust-Free and Hypoallergenic: Worried about respiratory issues or allergies? Rest assured! Our Coconut Coir Bedding is dust-free and hypoallergenic, making it a safer choice for both you and your reptiles. Breathe easy knowing you've chosen a bedding material that promotes a clean and healthy environment.
  • Long-Lasting and Easy to Maintain: Reptibase Coconut Coir Bedding is long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. It is highly resistant to mould and decomposition, providing durability and helping you maintain a clean enclosure for your reptiles. Simply spot-clean as needed and replace when necessary.


Provide your reptiles with the best bedding option available. Choose Reptibase Coconut Coir Bedding for its natural, environmentally conscientious nature, excellent moisture retention, softness, and low-maintenance qualities. Create the perfect habitat that mirrors their natural environment, promoting their well-being and happiness!


100% Organic

Our coconut coir bedding is 100% organic and ethically sourced. Once the husk is acquired it is then cleaned multiple times to eliminate dust and debris, it is then sun-dried before making its journey to be compressed into our 4.5kg blocks.

High Humidity

Coconut coir bedding is perfect for maintaining moderate to high humidity levels due to its absorption properties. It takes in the moisture and stores it, gradually releasing it. This makes it a perfect substrate for animals that need moderate to high levels of humidity.

Odour Eliminating

Cleaning is made so much simpler with coconut coir substrate. Its high absorption properties make cleaning a breeze. With the coirs high absorption, it makes cleaning a simple task. Just grab the soiled area with a scoop or bag and place it in the bin, the remaining coir can remain!

ReptiBase - Coconut Coir Bedding 4.5kg

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    • Place the block in a waterproof bowl or tub
    • Add warm water to the bag until the block is almost submerged.
    • Once the block has expanded to capacity within the bag, cut down both sides of the bag and continue to add water, a little at a time until the block is fully expanded.
    • Remove the plastic bag.
    • Add a little water to any dry spots until you are satisfied.
    • The substrate may dry out over time, spay accordingly to maintain the desired humidity.

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