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Introducing the ReptiRad - Advanced Reptile Radiator: Revolutionising Reptile Heating!

At Retics & Reptiles, we are thrilled to present the very best-in-class of reptile husbandry - the ReptiRad - Advanced Reptile Radiator. Crafted from galvanised steel and boasting a sleek, ultra-slim profile of just 18.5mm, this cutting-edge radiator is set to transform the way you heat and care for your reptiles and amphibians.

Designed with the well-being of your scaly companions in mind, the ReptiRad provides a safe, reliable, and efficient heating solution that mimics the warmth of natural sunlight. Say goodbye to cumbersome heat lamps and unreliable heat mats - the ReptiRad offers a superior way to maintain consistent and precise temperature control in your reptile's habitat.

Available in a variety of power options, including 40W, 80W, 125W, and 220W, the ReptiRad caters to the heating requirements of reptiles of all sizes and species. Whether you have a small gecko or a large snake, our range of options ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your beloved companion's needs.

Thanks to its galvanized steel construction, the ReptiRad not only efficiently radiates heat throughout the enclosure, but also ensures durability and longevity. This means that you can rely on the ReptiRad to provide consistent warmth and comfort to your reptiles for years to come, giving you peace of mind knowing that your pets are well-cared for.


With a special, double-insulated heating cable encased in aluminium, we ensure your reptiles receive the optimum temperatures, consistently, without compromise. The back plate is 1.5mm thick whilst the front plate is 1mm thick, pushing the heat down. creating the perfect balance from the finest materials.

Installation is a breeze! The ReptiRad is designed to be easily mounted on the ceiling to maximise space. Its slim profile allows for discreet placement, eliminating clutter and creating a clean and aesthetically pleasing look for your reptile's habitat. Simply screw into the ceiling of your enclosure, feed the wire out and connect to your thermostat!

With the ReptiRad - Advanced Reptile Radiator, we've taken reptile heating to the next level. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and safety that our state-of-the-art radiator offers. Provide your reptiles and amphibians with the finest quality heat they deserve, ensuring their comfort, health, and optimal well-being.

Upgrade your reptile's habitat today with the ReptiRad - the future of reptile heating!

Please note: The ReptiRad should always be used with a reliable dimming or pulse thermostat for precise temperature control and the utmost safety.

ReptiRad 220w - Advanced Reptile Radiator

  • Length - 450mm

    Width - 450mm

    Depth - 18.5mm


    Weight - 4.5kg

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