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Super Safe Insect Hydration

Hydrate Your Insects with H20 Gel Balls bt Rustik Grub: The Perfect Solution!

Introducing the Rustik Grub - H20 Gel Balls. This new ready-made pack of hydration gel balls will have your insects thriving in no time at all. This gives optimum H20 in the safest form. No more drowning insects in your water dish, now watch them enjoy a refreshing drink with non of the mishaps!


Discover a revolutionary way to keep your insects hydrated and healthy. Using H20 Gel Balls as a water source offers numerous benefits and convenience for both you and your beloved insects. Here's why it's a great idea:


  • Long-lasting Hydration: H20 Gel provide a sustained water supply, ensuring that your insects stay hydrated for extended periods. Unlike traditional water sources that quickly evaporate or become contaminated, these gel balls release water gradually, keeping your insects happy and healthy.
  • Mess-free and Low Maintenance: No more spills or daily water changes. H20 Gel Balls are compact, clean, and require minimal effort to maintain. Just place them in your insect enclosures, and they'll continuously provide moisture without the mess or hassle of traditional water dishes.
  • Prevention of Drowning Risks: Traditional water sources, especially shallow dishes, can pose a drowning risk for small insects. With H20 Gel Balls, the gel consistency prevents accidental drownings, allowing your insects to hydrate safely.
  • Minimal Mold and Bacterial Growth: Stagnant water in traditional dishes can contribute to the growth of mould and harmful bacteria. H20 Gel Balls offer a hygienic alternative by reducing the risk of contamination. They provide a clean and sterile environment for your insects to drink from.
  • Observation and Enrichment: H20 Gel Balls allow you to observe your insects as they hydrate, providing a fascinating and educational experience. Watch as they interact with the gel, adding a visual element to their daily routine. It also serves as a potential enrichment activity, promoting natural behaviors.


Try using insect gel balls to hydrate your insects, and enjoy the convenience, cleanliness, and benefits they bring. Your insects will thrive, and you'll have peace of mind knowing their hydration needs are met in the best possible way!

Rustik Grub H2O Gel Balls - 500g - Insect Safe Hydration

  • Our packs are ready to use. If you notice the gel balls shrinking at all simply spray the pack with drinking-safe water and reseal the bag.

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